Get Your Brand Video Out to The Masses

Brands that utilize video in their marketing strategy understand that video content is most certainly the best means to promote their brand.

It is a way for businesses to connect their brand with their customers on a more personal level. Creative video content gives brands a platform to tell their audience who they are and what they do, in a way that long-form walls of text could not. It grabs the customers’ attention and keeps them engaged long enough to truly understand the concept of a product, the integrity of a brand or the sincerity of a service.

How These 6 Tactics Can Get Your Brand Video Out to The Masses

1. How to Find The Right Hosting Site

Find the right hosting website, whether it be YouTube, Wistia, etc.  In brief, YouTube is for the rising star and Wistia is for the brand. Decide which platform – or platforms – is best for your brand’s image and start there.

2. Post to Social Media
Post your video all over your social media sites. You should even create shorter versions designed specifically for certain social media pages. This is the most efficient way to get the word out about anything, and with so many different platforms, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so on, it is a convenient way to bring your video content directly to your target audience.

3. Tweet It To Celebrities

Tweet it around to as many celebrities as possible. Even if just one celebrity shares your video your brand’s name will get out there to thousands – possibly even millions – of people. This alone is worth the extra time of sharing your video, but if it’s not shared directly by the celebrity your content is still out there for a diverse range of people to see, which is definitely a step in the right direction.

4. Share Your Video With Bloggers and Influencers

In a similar fashion – to tweeting your video to celebrities – you should send your video around to bloggers and popular blog sites and influencers in your field. This will allow your content to reach a large amount of people with shared interests, plus it can help open the door to a possible collaboration with other people in your market. Try customizing who you send it to. For example, if your video is about your marketing brand, send it to marketing influencers and blog sites, this way it will create a buzz within the community you’re looking for brand recognition in.

5. Put Your Video On Your Company’s Website

Place the video on your company’s website. Ideal placement for you new video content would be right there on your homepage. The video will grab the attention of your audience and engage the viewers. By having video placed on the homepage rather than long-form walls of text. Clients will stay on your page longer and will feel more compelled to look further into your site.

6. Write a Blog About Your New Brand Video

Write a blog about how the video was made and embed the video into the blog. There is no such thing as too much exposure for your video or your company, by writing a blog you’re getting positive exposure for both. A blog about the process of creating your video is a good way to get your audience interested in the video and in the company. To create even more exposure, link out to the video’s host site to drive traffic there as well.

These simple steps will get your video and brand the recognition it deserves.