Customer Loyalty with Social Media 

"it’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to gain new customers"

We’ve all heard the saying – “it’s easier to sell to existing customers than it is to gain new customers”.So, how do we do that? How do we improve our customer loyalty? You know what’s coming next, right? Social Media.

Listen – Listen to your existing customers. Listen to social media, do research on local hashtags. What are people in your town talking about? What products or services are being talked about in your industry? Where do your customers congregate online?

Now respond – Start conversations around what you learned in step one and get engaged with your local customers.

Contests and rewards programs keep your customer base coming back – Incentives drive customers to come back to your business. And as long as you provide what they need, they’ll keep coming to you to first. Use Social Media and PR to get visibility for those programs.

Are you following your customers on social media and supporting their online efforts? – Following and friending customers can boost morale and make them feel appreciated. Interact with social pages by giving a retweet or a Like now and then from a happy customer.

Think like a customer – Identify their pain points and make sure you can solve them. Being a business is all about providing a solution to a customers need, so be able to identify that and provide a simple and attractive solution.

Provide rock solid customer service on social media – People love to share their experiences with products and services online. Be aware of positive and negative presence on social media and be able to build up a customer when they are pleased, and fix a problem and offer a solution when they’re not.

Have a plan – It’s not enough to casually monitor your social media – being engaged consistently is key to staying in contact with your customers and to catch any immediate posts that need your attention. Timeliness in responses and updates show a customer that you care. And showing you care is the key to keep your customers coming back.

Source: Social Media Today